The Phaser is a Standard weapon for Starfleet and has 2 settings stun and kill allowing for a non-lethal way to apprehend a person. It appears in many games Due to its popularity and its common use in the Television Series.

Game AppearancesEdit

Phaser in Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and Elite Force 2Edit

The phaser in Star Trek Voyager Elite Force and Star Trek Elite Force 2 is a weapon you have on every level and is not very strong but is battery operated with a self recharging battery. It has 2 firing modes the primary firing mode is a weak beam that takes a while to kill an enemy but doesn't put much drain on the battery of the Phaser. The Secondary Fire Is stronger and disintegrates enemy's it is shot at but drains the battery quite fast.


  • You should only use the Phaser if all your other weapons are out of ammo or you don't want to waste ammo from your other guns as the Phaser is weak.
  • You can get away with holding down the fire button with the phasers Primary fire but it is inadvisable to do it on its secondary fire as it takes a lot of battery in a fast time and although the Phaser has unlimited Ammo when the battery runs out you have to wait for it to charge up before you fire and on higher difficulties wasting time could cost your life so when firing the Secondary Fire fire in short controller bursts.