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Star Trek Legacy is an arcade type strategy game made for the PC and Xbox 360 by Mad Doc Software. It covers all 40 years of the Star Trek television show and includes and voices of Captain Archer, Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Captain Sisko and Captain Janeway. The player is able to take control of up to 4 different ships at one time. Star Trek Legacy gives you the chance not only to play as the Federation but also as the Klingon's, Romulans and Borg.

Campaign OutlineEdit

Enterprise EraEdit

In the Enterprise Era you play captain Archer, captain of the NX-01 Enterprise. You do the tutorial mission's and a few mission's against the Romulan Star Empire were you meet T'Uerell and help her out. By the end of the Enterprise Era you find out she is the Main protagonist but it is to late and she escapes.

Original Series eraEdit

You find yourself at the helm of the Constituation Class USS Enterprise NCC-1701 captained by Captain Kirk. This takes place in the 100 year war of the federation and Klingon empire. You again find T'Uerell but she eludes you yet again in your mission you come across the Borg.

Next Generation EraEdit

100 years after Kirk you now find yourself at the helm of the USS Stargaze, a constelation class Crusier, captained by a young Captain Picard. After a few missions it jumps to the time where Captain Picard is captain of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D Galaxy class. After another mission you then jump to when Captain Picard is captain of the sovereign class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E. You go with Admiral Janeway, who was promoted to admiral after her return to the alpha quadrant to meet with T'Uerell who demands the surrender of the Federation. After Janeway declining T'Uerell attacks Deep Space Nine. Picard defends Deep Space Nine then Rallies federation Romulan and Klingon forces for one final battle against T'Uerell.


Star Trek Multiplayer on Xbox 360 lacks as only 1 person can play on it and you can only play over xbox live. Other then that it is a great game giving you the ability to choose to either control a small group of federation, klingon, borg or romulan ships. Also you can choose what era you play in. There are 3 Eras Enterprise,Original series Era and The Next Generation Era.


The player can command up to 4 ships and fight 3 other players or computers you can choose which fleet to play as. There is quite a selection of different maps.

Co-op WaveEdit

This is more of a defensive game were the player and up to 4 allies command their fleets against wave after wave of ships trying to destroy the Space station you are guarding. You can choose from 4 locations, each location has a different enemy being either federation, borg, romulan, or klingon.